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Officially Engaged? Quick Start Your Wedding Planning in Seven Steps

    If you’ve just changed your relationship status to “Engaged”, then it’s time to get started with your wedding planning! In this simple guide, we will outline seven steps designed to help you organize your wedding planning and make your big day a dream come true.

    1) Make an Announcement

    Your engagement won’t be complete until you’ve made it official by telling the world! Couples choose to do this in many ways, including via social media posts and phone calls to family and friends. Some couples also choose to celebrate with photo shoots and engagement announcements.

    2) Set the Date

    Soon after your engagement, you and your partner should begin choosing a date range and then narrow down a few specific dates that you both like. Stay flexible!

    3) Decide on a Budget

    When it comes to the next steps in the planning phase, you and your partner will need to have a clear understanding of where your budget falls.

    4) Secure the Venue

    Now that your budget is established start researching venues. Venues often book up in advance, so try to narrow it down and book as quickly as possible.

    5) Choose Vendors

    Next, research vendors in and around St. Louis to ensure that your special day is perfect. Some vendors you will want to book in advance include your caterer, florist, photographer, and/or videographer.

    6) Say Yes to the Dress

    Now, it’s time to find the perfect dress. Make a list of local shops and boutiques that you’re interested and make appointments as needed. If possible, spend a day or two visiting dress shops so that you try on several before making your final decision!

    7) Create Your Guest List

    Now that the venue and vendors have been chosen and the budget is clear, it’s time to create your guest list. Wedding planning can be notoriously challenging, but by keeping communication open between those who are planning your big day and staying organized, you can keep the stress to a minimum and truly enjoy the process!

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